Directive Strict

Enables monkey's Strict syntax mode.




By default, Monkey allows you to take certain shortcuts when programming. However, Monkey also offers a special Strict mode for programmers who prefer a stricter language definition.

The differences between the Strict and non-Strict modes are:

Strict mode

  • You must always specify the type of all variables, function return values and function parameters.
  • All function call parameters must be enclosed in brackets.
  • A function that does not return Void must end with a Return statement.

Non-Strict mode

  • Variable type, function return type and function parameter types can be optionally omitted. In this case they will default to Int.
  • Return statements can be omitted at the end of a function. In this case, a Return statement will be automatically generated that will return an appropriate default value for the function type. That is, False for bool, 0 for int and float, "" for string, [] for arrays and Null for objects.
  • The brackets around function call parameters are optional if the function is being used as a statement, or if the function can be called with no parameters.
To use Strict mode, the Strict directive must be placed at the very top of your module. Note that Strict is applied on a per-module basis and that Strict and non-Strict modules can legitimately import each other.

While syntax is shown in Strict mode, the examples in this documentation will normally be presented in non-Strict form.

See also

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' In Strict mode...
Function Main:Int()                                         ' the :Int type definition is compulsory...
    Print"Strict mode is...different!" )  ' all function calls require brackets...
    Return 0                                                                ' and we MUST return a value.

Example 2

' Non-Strict version of first example, declaring no Return
' type, no brackets for Print statement and no Return value.
Function Main () 
    Print "Non-Strict mode is...forgiving!"