Keyword Or

The logical Or operator.


[If] expression Or expression [... ]


Or is a logical operator which compares two expressions, or operands, and evaluates as True if either expression is True.

Multiple Or comparisons may be performed on a single line to compare more than two expressions.

Evaluation is performed from left to right and the operation immediately returns True (a behaviour known as 'early out') on encountering a True comparison; this means that no further comparisons on the line will be evaluated.

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The example below demonstrates a simple comparison of two values.

Local a:Int = 0 
Local b:Int = 1 
If a Or b 
    Print "At least one of the operands evaluates as True" 
    Print "Neither operand evaluates as True" 

The runnable example below demonstrates that although apples and pears are both zero, the line as a whole evaluates as True because the function ComplexOperation returns True; as long as one expression is True, the entire line is considered True.

Note that if you change apples or pears to a non-zero value, ComplexOperation is not called; this is due to the 'early-out' behaviour of the Or operator, which considers the entire line to be True as soon as any of the individual expressions evaluates as True.

Function Main () 
    Local apples:Int = 0 
    Local pears:Int = 0 
    If apples Or pears Or ComplexOperation () 
        Print "One or more expression was True" 
        Print "None of the expressions were True" 
Function ComplexOperation () 
    Print "Performing complex operation..." 
    Print "Ooh, this is really difficult..." 
    Print "Processor about to catch fire..." 
    Print "Etc..." 
    Return True