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Mod is a mathematical operator which performs the modulo (aka. modulus) function, returning the remainder of a division operation.


numerator Mod denominator


Mod performs the modulo operation on two numeric values, dividing a numerator (or dividend) by a denominator or (divisor) and returns the remainder of the division rather than the usual quotient.

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This example shows that ten apples split between seven people results in each person receiving one apple with three left over. (You can't split 3 whole apples between 7 people!)

Play with the numbers to see the effect Mod has, eg. change the number of people to 2.

Function Main () 
    Local apples:Int = 10 
    Local people:Int = 7 
    Print "Each person gets " + (apples / people) + " apple(s);" 
    Local leftover:Int = apples Mod people 
    Print leftover + " apple(s) are left over." 

This example shows how Mod can be used to limit a range of values, such as keeping an angle between 0 and 360 degrees. As it passes through 360 degrees and beyond, the angle will always be displayed in the range 0 - 360:

Function Main () 
    For Local angle:Int = 350 To 370 
        Print angle Mod 360