Keyword Extends

Declares that class definition inherits a parent class.


Class Identifier [ < Parameters > ] [ Extends Class ] [ Implements Interfaces ] [ Final ]
' Declarations...
End [ Class ]


The Extends keyword allows a class to 'extend' a parent class, thereby inheriting all of its fields, methods, functions, globals and constants.

This new class can add its own fields, methods, etc, but can also over-ride the existing fields, methods and so on by redefining them.

See also

Class | Super
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Here we have three classes:

  • a base class, Animal, with an 'x' field, a 'legs' field and a 'Move' method;
  • the Dog class 'extends' the Animal class, inheriting the x and legs fields and adding its own 'Bark' method;
  • the Fly class also extends the Animal class, but over-rides the legs field and Move method, while adding a 'y' field and a 'Buzz' method.
Class Animal 
    Field x 
    Field legs = 4 
    Method Move () 
        x = x + 1 
Class Dog Extends Animal 
    Method Bark () 
        Print "Woof" 
Class Fly Extends Animal 
    Field legs = 6 
    Field y 
    Method Move () 
        x = Rnd (-44
        y = Rnd (-44
    Method Buzz () 
        Print "ZzzzZZZzzzzzZZZZ..."