Keyword Abstract

Declares method as Abstract.


Method Identifier: ReturnType ( Parameters ) [ Property ] [ Abstract ] [ Final ] Statements... End [ Method ]


The Abstract keyword declares that a method must be implemented by extending classes. An abstract method also implies that the container class is abstract; this means that objects cannot be created from the resulting abstract class. Objects may only be created from classes that a) extend this class and b) implement the abstract method.

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In this example, Enemy contains an abstract method. This means that objects cannot be created from the Enemy class directly, because there is no specific definition for its Die method; we must first extend the class (see Hoodlum and Alien) and implement the abstract 'Die' method in each extending class.

Class Enemy 
    Method Die () Abstract 
Class Hoodlum Extends Enemy 
    ' Must implement Die method...
    Method Die () 
        Print "B'oss, he-- he killed me, b'oss!" 
Class Alien Extends Enemy 
    ' Must implement Die method...
    Method Die () 
        Print "X'll #hyep, g''ta!! Boss'yap!" 
Function Main () 
    ' Not allowed...
' Local e:Enemy = New Enemy
    Local h:Hoodlum = New Hoodlum 
    Local a:Alien = New Alien